7 Amazing Covers of Wrecking Ball You Need to Hear ...


7 Amazing Covers of Wrecking Ball You Need to Hear ...
7 Amazing Covers of Wrecking Ball You Need to Hear ...

Let's be real, there are SO many covers of "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus on YouTube. Going through them, it's a lot of "hit or miss." Personally, I think if someone manages to get the song's chorus down, then they're pretty darn good. These covers of "Wrecking Ball" definitely caught my attention. These people are insanely talented. I love all the different versions!

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James Arthur

I've been in love with James' voice ever since I saw his audition for UK's X Factor in 2012. He's super talented. I love his raspy voice and how he uses it to change up songs and make them his own. For Radio Hamburg TV, James covered Miley and it's fantastic! The video got over 7 million views online! It's one of my favorite covers of "Wrecking Ball."


Sam Tsui & Kylee

I've been obsessed with Sam's covers ever since he covered Nelly's "Just a Dream." He does a fantastic job at changing up the song to fit his own style. Even though he does that, he still manages to keep the song true to its sound. It's very impressive, actually. Kylee also sounds great! I love that Sam collabs with other singers in his videos, he's amazing! What's your favorite Sam Tsui cover?


Savannah Outen

This girl has some serious pipes. She's taken on so many popular songs and covers them amazingly. With "Wrecking Ball," she takes it on with a gentle approach (at first), but as soon as the chorus comes in, this girl is all power. I've always been amazed at her vocal range, and this cover shows it off beautifully! What do you think?


Corey Gray & Jake Coco

Um, first of all, how handsome is Corey?! He's beautiful. I love that with his cover, he incorporated both guitar and piano. I think it adds a cool new element to the song that a lot of other covers don't have. Corey's voice pairs beautifully with Jake Coco. I've been a fan of both for quite some time now!


Megan Nicole

This girl's really been making a name for herself on YouTube. With over five million views on her "Wrecking Ball" cover, I can see why people love her so much. She has a fantastic voice and looks like such a sweet girl. I love the falsetto and the surprise runs at the end of some major notes. I'm impressed!


Jasmine Thompson

I love this cover so much! I had never heard of Jasmine before watching this but I'm so glad I saw it! It's different than a lot of other covers because Jasmine doesn't do the high notes in the chorus. She toned it down to fit her style, and it's beautiful. I think, somehow, it sounds a bit more heartfelt than just belting out the words. Also, she has an awesome accent and reminds me so much of Ellie Goulding!



What can't these sisters sing? They each have their own distinctive sound, but together they mesh so well! I love this cover because it actually tells the story of the song. Who knew these girls were also such awesome actors?! I'm impressed!

There you have it! These 7 covers of Miley's "Wrecking Ball" are incredible. Don't get me wrong, there are SO many talented people with amazing covers, but I just couldn't add them all! Which "Wrecking Ball" cover is your favorite? Which one should I check out?

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Honestly, I prefer madilyn bailey's version better than most of these

City of Ashes too

Nah nah nah. These are all wrong!! The caked up remix is the one to listen too!! :)

Update! YouTube star Christina Grimmie auditioned for The Voice with Wrecking Ball. One of the nicest covers I've ever heard of that song.

Two words. Nicolas Cage.

I love Cimorelli.

Madilyn bailey!:D i love her voice! I think Megan Nicole's voice doesnt sound as real compared to Madilyn's.

Chris Thompson's and Rochelle Diamante's is my favorite(:

All of these suck

Alex G, Alexi Blue, and Walk of the Earth's Sarah!

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