25 Artists That Are Going to Hit It Big in 2016 ...


I’m always looking for the next big artist in the music world, and there are a ton of them that I think are really going to hit it big in 2016. If you’re also on the hunt for new musical artists, look no further than this list! These are definitely the people to keep an eye out for in the music world in 2016!

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Alessia Cara

I’m already declaring Alessia Cara as the new princess of pop in 2016. Mark my words, her debut album that recently came out is going to make her one of the biggest stars in 2016!


Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan also recently released a new album, and if you’ve heard it, you know that it’s full of songs that are definitely going to be huge on the radio. Get radio for Troye’s smooth voice to take over the airwaves!


Shawn Mendes

After Shawn Mendes’s amazing year spent touring with Taylor Swift, releasing a hit single, and then following up that single with another hit with Camila Cabello, it’s not exactly crazy to say that he’s going to have another amazing year ahead of him!


Camila Cabello

Obviously Camila is still with her awesome girl group, Fifth Harmony, but after her smash single with Shawn Mendes in 2015, is it wrong to hope that she continues to collaborate with other artists on side projects? She has a huge year ahead of her!


Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly was recently nominated for Best New Artist at the 2016 Grammys, so there’s no denying that her year is starting out on a high note, and I’m sure that it will only keep going up from there!


Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter may play Maya on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, but after a successful first album, there have been rumors that a second album may or may not be in the works and I couldn’t be more excited!



After their hit single with Ed Sheeran in 2015, it’s only up from here for this British pop rock band, and I can’t wait to see where they go in 2016!


Jacob Whitesides

Jacob Whitesides blew up this year thanks to the wonders of social media, but his music and voice will tell you exactly why he’s so big! His voice is so pure and unique that I hope we get to hear it all over the radio this year!



JohnnySwim has been one of my favorite duos for years, but I think this is the year that they’re really going to blow up, and I can’t wait to watch it happen for them!


Vance Joy

If you went to the 1989 World Tour this year, you probably saw Vance Joy open up for Taylor Swift, and I’m sure you could tell that he’s going to be huge. After his massive success with Riptide, it’s only up from here.


Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen is already pretty successful in the indie music community, but I think this is the year that he’s going to blow up in the mainstream music community as well!


Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin has been one of my favorite artists for years, and since he recently released a new album last year, we may be hearing a lot of him on the radio this year!


Landon Austin

Landon Austin has always been known for his impressive YouTube covers and lovely original songs, and this year, I think he’s going to start stepping away from YouTube to grow his own fanbase more than ever. I think we’ll start hearing him on the radio sooner rather than later!


Megan & Liz

Megan & Liz are constantly hit with roadblocks that prevent them from releasing their debut album, but I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be the year that they finally do it, and when they do, it is going to explode on the country music charts!


Liz Bissonette

I had the privilege of interviewing Liz Bissonette earlier this year, and when I did, I was astounded by how humble she is considering how great her music is. She’s already released a few songs to iTunes, and I’m hoping that she really blows up in 2016!



Halsey had a huge year in 2015, but I think that it’s just going to get even bigger for her in 2016. I’m talking super stardom levels for her this year!


Judah & the Lion

I saw Judah & the Lion play live this fall, and they were so much to see live. When you can see that someone has that much energy and passion in a performance, that really shows through in their music, and I hope other people will see that too!


Ben Howard

If you spend a lot of time on Spotify, you’ve probably come across a few Ben Howard songs at least once or twice, and you’ve probably fallen in love with his music. I’m expecting a lot more people to find him this year, and he’s really going to blow up the charts more than ever!



I’m sort of obsessed with Cam’s debut album, and believe me, you will too. It’s the answer to all of your “more women in country music” prayers. The vocals, lyrics, and music are amazing. She almost reminds me of a female Zac Brown Band, and I’m thinking she’ll be just as successful!


Alex and Sierra

Not many groups saw a lot of success post-X Factor (unless you’re Fifth Harmony!) so it’s really special that these two are still so successful after winning the show. I have a feeling that these two are planning to release more music this year, and it’s going to do really well!


The Girl and the Dreamcatcher

If you watch Disney Channel, you know that Dove Cameron has a great voice and a boyfriend with an equally amazing voice. She and her boyfriend, Ryan McCarten, started their own musical duo, and their first single was amazing. I can’t wait to hear a full album from these two!


Before You Exit

Before You Exit has been one of my favorite cover bands for years, but they’re one of the few bands whose original music is just as good, if not better, than their covers, so I’m really excited to hear any new original music they release in the new year!



Zendaya released an album in 2013 when everyone still knew her as a Disney Channel star. These days, even though she’s still on the Disney Channel, she’s become an icon, and I’m thinking that she’s due to release new music super soon!



I saw Rixton perform live this summer, and I can say that they have so many more hits than just Me and My Broken Heart, and it’s only a matter of time before they’re on the radio everywhere!



Have you heard him sing in the Chanel No. 5 commercial? It’s completely giving new life to a classic song, and I’d say that it’s only a matter of time before his original music is completely changing the music world as well.

Which of these artists are you looking forward to making it big? Let me know in the comments! I’m so excited to see all of these people take over the music world!

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You forgot Zayn Malik and Daya

@Luna I was waiting to see Bryson too!

Troye has a lovely voice

Andra Day?

Where is Zayn

I only knew 12 of them. If I had to choose I would choose either Halsey,Sabrina Carpenter, Alessia Cara,or Troye Sivan.

Ruth b

I remember watching Tori when she was uploading her first videos on YouTube. She was always destined to be a star 😍

vance joy 😍😍

You know I still like Zendaya I loved replay the most.....but I'm really looking forward to tori kelly!

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