7 Amazing Reasons to Love Bastille ...


From the first moment I heard Bastille, I was immediately introduced to the many amazing reasons to love Bastille. This British rock band is probably one of my favorite bands out there. They only have a few hits in America but they are played all over the place in Europe. If you have not listened to them yet, I would highly recommend adding them to your iTunes library. Then you can come up with even more reasons to love Bastille.

1. The Lyrics

After becoming a fan of them, I knew their incredible lyrics would be one of the many reasons to love Bastille. Their songs have so much depth to them and all tell a story. My personal favorite is "Poet," which is about a man who loves a woman so he writes her down and turns her into eternal art. Take the time to listen to their songs and pick out the lyrics that will speak to you.

Their Covers
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