7 Awesome Reasons to Love Little Mix ...

There are so many reasons to love Little Mix! The British girl group won The X-Factor over in the UK, and have been blowing up ever since! They're huge in the UK, and are finally starting to get major recognition here in the U.S! I'm so happy that they're becoming successful over here because they truly deserve it. They're insanely talented! Check out the awesome reasons to love Little Mix.

1. Girl Power

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Little Mix is all about girl power. Being women in the industry, they understand that girls will get a lot farther in life if they help each out, not tear each other down. They're currently on tour with Demi Lovato, whose tour is FULL of girl power. They're joining Demi, Fifth Harmony, and Cher Lloyd! Talk about a talented group. This is just one of the reasons to love Little Mix.

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