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7 Awesome Reasons to Love Little Mix ...

By Vanessa

There are so many reasons to love Little Mix! The British girl group won The X-Factor over in the UK, and have been blowing up ever since! They're huge in the UK, and are finally starting to get major recognition here in the U.S! I'm so happy that they're becoming successful over here because they truly deserve it. They're insanely talented! Check out the awesome reasons to love Little Mix.

1 Girl Power

Girl Power Little Mix is all about girl power. Being women in the industry, they understand that girls will get a lot farther in life if they help each out, not tear each other down. They're currently on tour with Demi Lovato, whose tour is FULL of girl power. They're joining Demi, Fifth Harmony, and Cher Lloyd! Talk about a talented group. This is just one of the reasons to love Little Mix.

2 Vocals

Vocals I love the fact that these girls sound amazing live. That's how you know they're true artists. They have awesome stage presence and sound even better than their studio versions. Perrie Edwards? That girl can SING! They all can, but Perrie always outdoes herself which is very impressive. My favorite live performances are of "Move", it's such a catchy song! I can't wait to see them live in March!

3 Genuinely Sweet

Genuinely Sweet The Little Mix girls are far from being divas. I recently got to the chance to meet them at the mall and they were such sweethearts! We chatted for a bit, and then snapped a photo together! As much I loved their accents, it was hard at times to understand them... haha! But I do hope to run into them again sometime!

4 Red Carpet Fashion

Red Carpet Fashion When the girls get all glammed up, it's not even fair how pretty they look. They've become quite the fashion icons on the carpet! I personally love Perrie's style because it's always sexy, yet sophisticated. I loved her "floral crown" phase. She pulls it off so beautifully! Whose style do you love the most?

5 Hair Color

Hair Color The girls are always experimenting with their looks. Perrie's gone through blonde, pink, and lavender hair! Jade's had blue, purple, ombre, and now blonde hair! Jesy has gone through blonde, neon red hair, and now brunette! Last but not least, Leigh-Anne has gone through red, brown, and black hair! Isn't it crazy that no matter what their hair color is, they rock it flawlessly.

6 They Love Their Fans

They Love Their Fans Little Mix loves all their Mixers! The girls always take part in special signing events all over the world so they could meet their fans! They always have a smile on their face when they run into Mixers because they know that fans are the reason behind their success! They also interact with fans on Twitter whenever they get the chance to!

7 Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor The girls have zero problem being goofy in front of the camera! I love that just because the red light is on, that doesn't mean they change who they are. If you were friends with Little Mix, they'd keep you laughing all day!

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of MANY reasons to love Little Mix! If you haven't heard their music, do it now! I promise you'll love them. What's your favorite thing about Little Mix? Favorite song?

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