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The blues tell like a story like no other music genre and these female blues guitarists know exactly how to make every note pull at your emotions. From classic, sitting-on-the-porch blues to the more modern melodies we hear today, it's not hard to find at least a few bluesy tunes you can easily relate to. After listening to these female blues guitarists, you might even be inspired to write a few heart-wrenching songs of your own.

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Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt Bonnie Raitt toes the line between soft rock and blues with a talent no one can deny. With Eric Clapton as one of her teachers, it's no wonder she can mix together modern and classic blues with ease. While she started young, she's only gotten better throughout the years. With each new album, she adds in something new, proving she'll continue to be one of the most well known female blues guitarists for generations to come.


Susan Tedeschi

Susan Tedeschi If you like a classic rock/blues blend, Susan Tedeschi is a must hear. Her educational background in music helps give her an unique sound. She's a master of composition and loves to keep things simple instead of depending on special effects. Though she released several albums on her own, you can now find her as the face of the Tedeschi Trucks Band.


Her soulful voice and gritty guitar prowess evoke the spirits of blues legends. It's not just her technique that’s impressive; Susan’s emotional delivery envelops listeners, transporting them to smoky bars and vibrant juke joints of the past. Her authenticity shines, whether she’s belting out her compositions or reimagining classics. As half of the power couple with husband Derek Trucks, Tedeschi Trucks Band is where her artistry continues to captivate and innovate, melding her deep blues roots with touches of jazz, soul, and rock in a seamless tapestry of American music.


Ana Popovic

Ana Popovic There's nothing quite like a smooth blues guitarist. Ana Popovic is a worldwide blues sensation and has been nominated for numerous blues awards. Her training in jazz is evident as her fingers glide over the strings effortlessly. It's hard to look away when her and her band take the stage. Not only is she an amazing guitarist, but she's an stunning performer and singer as well.


Ana's Serbian heritage doesn't hold her back from embodying the soul of American blues. She meshes rock, soul, and blues into her own unique sound, evident in albums like Can You Stand the Heat and Unconditional. Onstage, her electric energy captivates audiences as she delivers fiery solos and sultry vocals. Offstage, she's a respected artist with a heart dedicated to preserving blues traditions while pushing the genre's boundaries. Her musical journey has inspired many, proving that the blues knows no borders.


Joanne Shaw Taylor

Joanne Shaw Taylor Blues isn't always supposed to be soft or pretty. With Joanne Shaw Taylor, you get hardcore, rough-around-the-edges blues. Her no-apologies style of playing is reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn. It's no small feat that she was featured in Blues Matters! in 2010 for her uniquely raw skills. After being discovered by the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart in 2002, it's only be uphill for her career.


Joanne Shaw Taylor is a British blues guitarist and singer-songwriter who has made a name for herself in the male-dominated world of blues music. She has been praised for her gritty and powerful playing style, drawing comparisons to legends like Stevie Ray Vaughn. In 2010, she was featured in Blues Matters! magazine, solidifying her place in the blues community. Taylor was discovered by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics in 2002, and has since released several successful albums and toured with notable artists such as Joe Bonamassa and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Her raw talent and fierce stage presence make her a must-see for any blues fan.


Shannon Curfman

Shannon Curfman Shannon Curfman is masterful guitarist who has been referred to as a prodigy. She made her national debut at only 14 and blew the blues community away. With several albums behind her, including two on her own record label, she shows no signs of slowing down. When she isn't playing her own shows, you can hear her in Twisted Brown Truckers. Either way, you'll be impressed that such a young woman is so incredibly talented.


Memphis Minnie

Memphis Minnie No blues list would be complete without Memphis Minnie. The late, great blues singer and guitarist is considered a pioneer in the industry. It doesn't get any more classic. Her career started in the 1920s and lasted for around 30 years. During that time, she crafted numerous classics that many blues artists still cover today. If you want a taste of old-style blues, look no further than Memphis Minnie.


Sue Foley

Sue Foley When she decided to pursue the blues, Sue Foley didn't wait for permission. She started touring with a local blues band when she was only 16. Fast forward five years and she was already recording her first album. Her dedication and raw talent quickly set her apart as a well respected blues artist, even earning her a record number of Maple Blues Awards. Playing alongside blues masters such as Buddy Guy and BB King only proves just how incredible she truly is.


Foley's passion for the genre shines through every strum on her signature pink paisley Fender Telecaster. The Ice Queen, her 2018 album, captures the essence of traditional blues while infusing her unique flair. Her ability to weave tales of heartache and triumph through her music resonates with audiences worldwide, marking her as an icon in the making. Whether she's belting out sultry vocals or demonstrating her prowess on the six-string, Foley showcases what it means to be a powerhouse in the blues community.


Rory Block

Rory Block If you want a little more country with your blues, Rory Block is your girl. Her old school style of playing will take you back to the way the blues used to be. While she originally started trying to master classical guitar, Stefan Grossman introduced her to the blues and the rest is history. By learning from other classic blues guitarists, she carved out a place for herself among giants such as Reverend Gary Davis and Mississippi John Hurt.


Rory Block is a renowned blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. She has been a major influence in the blues genre since the 1970s. Block has released over 30 albums, including the Grammy nominated "A Woman's Soul: A Tribute to Bessie Smith". She has also won five W.C. Handy Awards for her contributions to the blues. Block has toured extensively throughout North America, Europe and Japan, and has performed at some of the biggest blues festivals around the world. Her old-school style of blues guitar playing is a testament to the great blues legends of the past.


Samantha Fish

Samantha Fish The blues are often raw and painful like the emotions it expresses. Samantha Fish gets down and dirty, never bothering to sugarcoat the bad times in life. Her slow blues style cuts deep and leaves you feeling exposed. She was even honored in 2012 as the best new artist at the Blues Music Awards. If you ever feel other blues artists are too smooth, try Fish for size.

While other music genres can stir your emotions, the blues are designed specifically to be a look into the soul. For better or worse, the blues tell it all. These female blues guitarists hold nothing back and each one is worth checking out. What are your favorite blues guitarists and songs?

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