9 Amazing Female Blues Guitarists You Have to Hear ...

The blues tell like a story like no other music genre and these female blues guitarists know exactly how to make every note pull at your emotions. From classic, sitting-on-the-porch blues to the more modern melodies we hear today, it's not hard to find at least a few bluesy tunes you can easily relate to. After listening to these female blues guitarists, you might even be inspired to write a few heart-wrenching songs of your own.

1. Bonnie Raitt

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Bonnie Raitt toes the line between soft rock and blues with a talent no one can deny. With Eric Clapton as one of her teachers, it's no wonder she can mix together modern and classic blues with ease. While she started young, she's only gotten better throughout the years. With each new album, she adds in something new, proving she'll continue to be one of the most well known female blues guitarists for generations to come.

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