9 Amazing Rocker Chicks from the '80s ...

If you loved the '80s as much as I did, it's a perfect time to focus on some amazing rocker chicks from the '80s. This is a great way to relive our childhoods and rock out to the songs that remind us of the fun times and challenges of adolescence. Without further ado, let's celebrate nine amazing rocker chicks from the '80s.

1. Pat Benatar

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Pat Benatar was a major rock icon and among the amazing rocker chicks from the '80s. With chart topping hits like β€œHit Me with Your Best Shot” and β€œLove Is a Battlefield,” Pat helped us fight through the tough battles that came with young love and adversity. She has since branched out into jazz and blues over the course of her career. With these new additions, she has proven to be not only a rock icon but also a woman of many talents.

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