7 Fantastic Music Websites You Have to Bookmark ...


For all of the music-junkies out there, the Internet is full of music websites to bookmark and feed your love of music.

Music is something that brings people around the world together, which makes the Internet the best place to find new music, share your music with others, and connect with new people over you favorite songs and bands.2

There are tons of online forums to talk about music, but my favorite music websites are the ones that personalize music to the songs that you want to hear.

Regardless of you favorite genre of music, these are some great music websites you might want to bookmark on your computer.

1. Pandora

This might be one of the most popular music websites, but that is because it might be one of the best.

You just type in an artist you are a fan of, and it plays a radio station that has a similar sound to your artist.2

The amount of different stations I have on my Pandora range from classical music to full on techno music.

The one downside to Pandora is the ads they play between the music, but someone has to pay for all of this awesome free radio so I have learned to deal with it.

2. 8Tracks

The amount of playlists on this website is literally never-ending.

You put in any tags or artists you can think of, and a user has probably come up with a playlist for you.

I love this website for finding new music and listening to great playlists when I need to study or get ready for a night out.

3. Songza

Every wish you could find the perfect playlist for lounging around on a Wednesday afternoon?

How about a classy dinner party on a Friday night?

Songza takes your situation and turns it into the perfect appropriate playlist for whatever you might be doing.

And if you want to live on the wild side, you can browse each and every one of their playlists.

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