7 Very Successful Artists That Came from 'American Idol' ...

There are so many successful artists that came from ‘American Idol.’ I think it’s so crazy to see how many success stories have come out of shows like Idol, X Factor, The Voice, etc. I love seeing these artists have their talent recognized because they truly deserve it. Restricting this list to only 7 was pretty tough, but take a look at some very successful artists that came from American Idol. Tell me if you agree!

1. Phillip Phillips

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I’ll be honest, Phillip Phillips is all my time favorite AI alum. He’s already proven to be one of the most successful artists that came from ‘American Idol.’ His first single, “Home,” was the best selling AI winner debut song in history. Impressive, huh? His first album, The World From The Side of the Moon, has been certified gold. I think I loved Phillip so much because he was considered the underdog but America voted him to number one. He’s an amazing singer/songwriter.

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