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It can be difficult to pick songs to play on your wedding day! You want to find songs that you love, but you may not want to pick the cliché options. Plus, there’s a lot of music that you have to pick out on your wedding day! You have to pick music to listen to while primping, the processional, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance, and of course, the first dance, and that’s just to name a few of many songs to play on your wedding day. If you’re looking for a few unique options in a sea of wedding clichés, these songs might be the perfect options for you!

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Classic by MKTO

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

This song is on its way to becoming one of the hit songs of the summer, but it’s also perfect for your wedding! It’s the perfect song to listen to while you’re getting ready with your bridesmaids by your side, or even to dance along to at your wedding reception. No matter when you listen to it, "Classic" is one of the perfect songs to play on your wedding day!


I like You by Ben Rector

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

"I Like You" is the perfect song for the couple that likes to rebel against clichés. It’s a simple, yet lovely song for the couple that doesn’t like to over-dramatize their relationship. If the thought of dancing your first dance as husband and wife to "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic makes you gag a little, "I Like You" is the song for you!


You’re the Reason I Come Home by Ron Pope

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

"You’re the Reason I Come Home" is another song for the couples that like to go against clichés. That being said, it’s also a beautifully romantic song. If you’re looking for a romantic song that hasn’t been overplayed at every wedding ever, "You’re the Reason I Come Home" is definitely one to look into!


Daughters by John Mayer

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

Obviously "Daughters" is not a very unpopular song. That being said, though, it’s not exactly a song you hear very often at weddings. "Daughters" would make a wonderful father/daughter dance, especially for the modern bride looking to branch out of the "Butterfly Kisses" arena.


My Wish by Rascal Flatts

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

If you’re looking to make people cry at your wedding, play this song. No matter the situation or circumstances, for some reason this song always invokes tears in approximately 80% of its audience. I think it’s scientifically proven. (Okay, it’s not.) Whether you use it for your first dance, the mother/son dance, or the father/daughter dance, you’ll catch a lot of people tearing up by the end of the song!

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Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

While this song would be beautiful as a first dance, it would also be a wonderful choice to walk down the aisle to, if you’re looking to really step out of the box, tradition-wise. This is not only a beautiful song, but Ed Sheeran actually wrote it for his godparents’ wedding. They were best friends who fell in love later in life. It’s an amazing story, and one to check out, regardless if you plan on incorporating it into your wedding.


Love Somebody by Maroon 5

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

While many radio listeners may protest that this is the most overplayed song on the radio, and while I can agree with that, I think it is a perfect song for a wedding reception. It’s a song that you just want to dance to, and the exact type of song you want to dance to with the person you just vowed to spend the rest of your life with! You can use it when the wedding party is walking into the reception, or simply as a song to dance to with your new spouse and loved ones. No matter what you choose it for, you need to include it in your wedding!

What unique songs do you plan on playing on your wedding day? Will you pick any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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Sheeranrst dance at our wedding was Kiss Me by Ed Sheera

Sheeran. Loved how unique it was!

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