7 Totally Epic Covers by Max Schneider ...

If you're ever on YouTube with nothing to do, look up covers by Max Schneider. Trust me, you'll be more than impressed! He takes modern songs and makes them his own style. His YouTube channel actually includes a lot of collabs with other singers, and mash-ups of his fave songs! It was hard to keep this list restricted to 7 but I do think these 7 covers by Max Schneider will leave you in awe. If you like what you hear, check out his channel for more!

1. Hold on We're Going Home (Drake Cover)

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This is one of the most recent covers by Max Schneider. The thing that really caught my attention is his incredible falsetto. He takes this song to levels where you didn't know it could go. Not to mention Kurt Schneider's (who, believe it or not, is not related to Max) amazing piano skills. I love when they pair up to make a new cover! They make a really great team, don't you think?

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