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If you love singing but you are too afraid to give it a try because you think you might make a fool of yourself, here are a few tips on how to sing karaoke with confidence that will help you shine on the stage. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about strangers pointing and laughing, but you can improve the quality of your singing just by following a few very simple steps. This way, you can learn to take your skills to the next level and you’ll enjoy yourself more doing that as well. Just remember: karaoke isn’t Star Search and it’s not American Idol either! Try to make karaoke fun for you by following these next simple but efficient tips on how to sing karaoke with confidence:

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Choose a Song You Have an Emotional Connection to

One of the most important tips on how to sing karaoke with confidence that I could give you is to tell you to try to choose a song you have an emotional connection to and not necessarily one that you think you should sing. This way, if you really love that song and if it really has meaning to you, then this will come across and you’ll make a better connection with your audience.


Focus on Telling the Story

Even though you think that you should focus mainly on your singing, the truth is that you will be more successful if you focus more on telling the story. Learn the lyrics and try to really understand what that song is about. This way, you will be able to connect better with your audience and you’ll transmit the right emotions.


It’s Natural to Feel a Little Bit Anxious

Just remember that it’s natural to feel a little bit anxious when you are singing karaoke. The point is to have fun while doing it, because singing karaoke isn’t about giving a perfect performance, it’s about enjoying yourself and doing something that you love. Don’t let anxiety prevent you from trying and just have fun!


Pick Two or Three Songs

When you’re singing karaoke it’s best to be prepared, so pick two or three of your favorite songs and learn them really well. Try to choose songs that are in your range and make sure that the melody is easy to hum. You could even record yourself and then listen back so you’ll know what you need to work on.


Work on Your Voice

Even though you should have fun when you’re singing karaoke, if you want to do it with confidence, then make sure you work on your voice just like you would do with any other muscle group in your body. Renee Grant-Williams, singing coach, says that you should “try not to lift your chin; instead, keep your head rounded over the microphone with your chin lower in the front. This makes the tone seem warm and resonant.”


Consider Singing with at Least One Other Person

If your anxiety level is high and you are afraid that you might freeze while you’re on the stage, then you could consider singing with at least one other person at first. They will help you feel more confident and you will realize that you actually have nothing to worry about.


Eye Contact is Important

When you are singing karaoke, don’t forget about eye contact! Even if it feels pretty uncomfortable sometimes to look at people you don’t know, try to scan the audience and look at different parts of that room every few seconds, so that everyone will feel included in your performance.

Singing karaoke with confidence is not that hard, you just need to practice a little bit and you should also work on building your self-confidence. Do you know any other tips on how to sing karaoke with confidence? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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Yes, find a song a lot of people will sing along with so it will fill in any "gaps" in your performance!

Love this! I'm a singer/songwriter and karaoke is one of my favourite things ever!! Great article!

I’m off to Spain, Saturday week, I’ve got confidence, I just get shy & Nervous on my 1st song, after that u can’t get get me off the stage. Why is that.

Avoid slow or long songs

I'm actually thinking about trying out of America's got talent or the voice. I'm a singer/songwriter, and this will really help me become more relaxed when I'm singing! I love it!

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