7 Tips for Taking Care of a Vinyl Record Collection ...


Taking care of vinyl records does not necessarily come naturally to the people of my generation, but that’s pretty inevitable, considering we were born long after vinyl records went out of print. However, most recently stores like Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville have taken on a hipster-like style to promote to their customers. What that has included lately is selling vinyl records and consequently all things vinyl related. I’ve seen everything from portable record players in trendy satchels to albums from bands like Radiohead and Cat Power being sold in these major department stores. So it looks like tips for taking care of vinyl records will come in handier than most people initially thought after all.

1. Cleaning

Unfortunately a big part of taking care of vinyl records is cleaning them regularly. Definitely make sure to continuously dust off your record collection, especially before you plan on playing them. Be very careful when using cleaning sprays with bleach, ammonia, and peroxide. Overall, I wouldn’t risk ruining a record by spraying the harmful chemicals that are found in many cleaning products. You’re not really trying to disinfect anything when you’re taking care of vinyl records, so some gentle soap and water will do just fine.

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