The 10 Most Streamed Female Artists on Spotify in 2014 ...


Do you have a favorite female artist? Do you listen to her on Spotify? Well, whether you do or not, you might be interested to know who is tuning in to her. Spotify released the list of the 10 most streamed female artists in 2014. It was compiled to celebrate International Women’s Day in March, but I reckon it’s always worth celebrating awesome women – don’t you? So here is the Top 10. Will your favorite be here?

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A pop sensation with a mesmerizing voice and a face to match, Rihanna has been singing since she was just 15. She has come so far through all these years and is in fact the most streamed female artist on Spotify, not only in the United States but around the world as well. She has somehow managed to occupy the spot for the third consecutive year.


Katy Perry

We’ve seen Katy Perry transition from an aspiring young pop singer to the ultimate California girl with an outstanding collection of hit singles. She was the "Next Big Thing" in Blender Magazine's 2004 edition and was the first female artist to have as many as five Billboard Top 100 number 1s from a single album. All this is enough to explain why she's the second most streamed female artist on Spotify. She is the female singer streamed most by male Spotify users.



She was among the most popular R&B singers of the late '90s, but it seems that she knows how to rule people's hearts and retain a fan base that won her a place among the most streamed female artists on Spotify. She is the female singer streamed most by female Spotify users.


Lana Del Rey

The songstress became one of the most organic upstarts back in 2011. She racked more than 13 million YouTube views for her vintage-shaded video titled "Video Games." It seems her voice has finally overpowered her controversial persona because she's at number 4 in the list of the most streamed female artists on Spotify.


Lady Gaga

She is that rare breed of pop star that knows and believes that music is performance art. Her debut album had four number one hits – it was the first for any artist in music history. She has 14 MTV Video Music Awards, 5 Grammy Awards, 3 Concert Tour Awards, and 3 studio albums as well. There's much more to her credit of course that made her one of the most streamed female artists on Spotify in 2014.


Ariana Grande

She started her journey on a Nickelodeon TV series and she wasn't even the lead on the show. Today, she has come so far and already has her own spin-off series. This transition makes her special and, of course, her music sense gives her an edge as well. She's a perfect example of "beauty with a powerful voice." Her range is simply superb with songs that have complex rhythm patterns. All this has really helped her be among the most streamed female artists.


Nicki Minaj

She sure knows how to rip a few pages out of another pop sensation's handbook. Just like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj manages to be the showstopper wherever she goes. Everything about her is amazing, be it her freakish makeup, wild wigs, or bright outfits. The personality of this female rapper makes her so popular on Spotify.


Ellie Goulding

What works great for Ellie is her little girl voice that manages to hit heartbreakingly cute notes – and her adorable British accent makes it even more special. Her voice may be a bit raspy, but with noticeable soft edges. It's something unique, which makes her so popular with users on Spotify.


Taylor Swift

She's a mega star with 7 Grammys in her bag and 5 best-selling albums to her name. Her red lips have definitely helped her stand out, but it's mainly the story behind her songs that connects with fans emotionally. Her artful songwriting is yet another feature making her so special around the world… and on Spotify too.



She may have secured the 10th spot in the list of most streamed artists on Spotify, but she's definitely a star of great stature. The double-Grammy winner has sold over 27 million records and has already been hailed as a prodigy. There's definitely more than one reason why she's a hot favorite of users on Spotify.

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I love all of these amazing and beautiful singers!!! They work so hard, they definitely deserve the fame!!! ❤️

Ellie gouldings voice is beautiful

My favorite female artist isn't on the list but it's cool lol

Taylor swift is not on spotify

Same list from 5 years ago

i dont like lorde shes so creepy espacially in the royals episode


So happy Rihanna, Lana del ray, and Ellie made this list....they have such beautiful unique all time favorite @ the moment is Tove Lo.....theres not one song i dont like of hers... not only do i love her voice but i always find myself relating to her songs ....the beats of her songs are always so catchy too

Taylor swift isn't on spotify anymore, she roved her albums because she believed in 'artistry'. She should not be on this list.

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