7 Sure Signs That Prove the Vamps Are the Next Big Thing ...

There are so many signs that prove that The Vamps are the next big thing. In case you haven't already heard of them, the band is made up of four British cuties with major talent. They're currently taking the music biz by storm in the UK and there's no doubt that they'll be taking over the US in the very near future. Check out some of the signs that prove The Vamps are the next big thing then, let me know what your favorite thing about them is.

1. Sold out Nyc Show

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When the boys came over to the US for their first American headlining show, they SOLD OUT tickets on the first day of its sale. That's pretty impressive, right? They performed at the Gramercy Theater in New York and were incredible. They brought out a huge crowd and were sweet enough to thank everyone (on multiple occasions) for d showing their support. I think selling out their first NYC performance is a major sign that The Vamps are the next big thing!

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