All in the Family: Successful Bands with Siblings as Members ...

Several successful musical bands with siblings as their members have filled the airwaves with really great songs across different musical genres. It seems like being gifted with the voice and musicality is a prerequisite to be a member of their family because they sure did make music a big part of their lives as blood brothers and sisters. I listen to different types of music and I realize that many of those that I listen to come from bands with siblings as top members. Here is my list of those bands that I've listened to throughout the two decades of my life:

1. The Moffats and Hanson

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Okay, Iā€™m clustering the two of them here because they were big names when I was in grade school. These two bands with siblings as members, brothers to be specific, surely reached the apex of success in the late '90s with overly excited teenage fans screaming at the top of their lungs.

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