9 Songs to Send to Your Sweetheart ...

There are some songs to send to your sweetheart which seem to do the best job of showing him how you truly feel. While words spoken from the heart are never wrong, putting them in verse to a beautiful melody holds a certain potency with which most of us would have a challenging time competing. These songs to send to your sweetheart are filled with just the right emotion and a catchy beat to boot!

1. Savage Garden - Truly, Madly, Deeply

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They had us at the first few lines, promising to be our hope, our love, and our dream. Of the songs to send to your sweetheart, this is pretty strong stuff… Add to that the soft and tender musicality of singers Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones, and you have a sigh in the making. Sending this song is not for the uncommitted. Listen on to hear promises for "laying like this forever until the sky falls down" upon me. Beautiful, affirming, haunting, promising.

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