7 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Panic at the Disco ...


7 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Panic at the Disco ...
7 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Panic at the Disco ...

With their recently released single “Miss Jackson” furtively and undeviatingly making its way up the alternative charts, the amount of reasons to listen to Panic! At the Disco continue to expand. Fans of this Vegas trio meets glamor band will feel that expounding on the intricacies of their music is a moot point as the music surely speaks for itself. There is no doubt that this band deserves credit for being able to thrive despite a few minor road bumps along the way. Once you take a chance and listen to Panic! At the Disco, you will see why the band members have often been described as musical geniuses.

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Definitive Sound

Ever since their debut, “A Fever You Can't Sweat Out,” Panic! At the Disc has been praised (and sometimes faulted) for their unparalleled sound, making this one of the top reasons to listen to Panic! At the Disco. Most of their songs seem to involve intricate instrumentation and melodious vocals. If you need further convincing, check out all of their tunes from the beginning on Spotify before buying.


Live! in Concert

I had the fortune of catching Panic! At the Disco's show at Terminal 5 on the heels of their release of “Vices & Virtues” in 2011 (Is it weird that this was my first concert at 20 years old?). I was pleasantly surprised to see that front man Brendon Urie's vocals were just as powerful and encompassing in person as when encased in tinny recordings. Additionally, getting to witness drummer Spencer Smith's talent at playing percussion is an experience that will never leave me. I've always held the mindset that a band is nothing without a great drummer! Touring bassist and back-up vocalist Dallon Weekes (who is now an official member and rightfully so) and touring guitarist Ian Crawford added to the overall experience with their highly innovative sound.


Intriguing Lyrics

My favorite part when it comes to listening to Panic! songs has always been the lyrics. As a writer myself, I find myself drawn to the complex lines that these guys seem to weave with every tune. “Northern Downpour” will always be on my replay list. Additionally, their more recent songs “Turn Off the Lights,” “Hurricane” and “Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met)” have proved that they deserve an even larger presence on the radio charts.


Everything Has Changed

The men of Panic! are a part of a league of musicians who can change their sound with every release yet still manage to hold onto their original spark. As I've been a fan since their "Fever" days, I have to say that they never fail to amaze me with just how dedicated they are to their craft and to keeping their audience on its toes.


Twitter Presence

Whether they are in between shows or even album production, Panic! has always been able to command a large Twitter following. For updates on upcoming shows and singles, be sure to follow the official Twitter pages: Panic! At the Disco (@PanicAtTheDisco), lead singer Brendon Urie (@brendonboydurie), drummer Spencer Smith (@TheSpencerSmith), and lead guitarist Dallon Weekes (@DallonWeekes).

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett


While I have never met any of the members, I have heard accounts from different people on their own experiences meeting the band. From what I've heard, this band is filled with kindhearted and humorous musicians. While it should be all about the music, it doesn't hurt that the people behind said music are personable.



Having as large a fan base as Panic! At the Disco does is an amazing feat. Social media sites such as Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter indicate that their fan base also overflows into international territory, showing just how enjoyable and relatable their music truly is.

As a longtime fan, I look forward to watching the growth of this band's music. With each album comes the incorporation of new finely-tuned elements and complex lyrics. If they continue down the same path that they've been on, it is plausible that this band will gain widespread acknowledgement and be around for more years to come. What is your favorite Panic! A the Disco song and era?

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Favorite band<3



I saw this article and I instantly flipped! You are amazing for making this! I can't wait till I can see them in concert!

Man I remembered when they were starting out. Jeez can't belive there on here

Love this band oh so much! c:

Not really a fan. I found most of their music kinda bland and the songs all sounded the same.

I love panic! Thank you guys for even making this sorta. I'm seeing them in September with fall out boy and I'm so psyched.

Omg I love this band too much already

I love them!! I don't listen much to western music anymore, but I just cannot stop listening to panic! At the disco:)

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