7 Reasons to Give Music Festivals a Miss ...

Although it might look like fun, in my view, there are many reasons to give music festivals a miss which I would like to share. I have never been one for camping and am more of a glamping kinda gal so music festivals just don't appeal to me. Like anything, I don't dismiss it until I have tried it so I can then make an informed decision about whether I like it or not. So, after my one and only paddle in the festival pool, here are some of my reasons for giving festivals a miss.

1. Crowds

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Now, this makes me sound a little agoraphobic and maybe I am a little, but crowds of people annoy me. I know, it's all part of the festival atmosphere and everyone is happily stumbling around in their beer induced stupors, harking back to the flower power days of free love and questionable fashion choices. But it's really not my idea of fun, which is one of the reasons to give music festivals a miss.

2. Lack of Facilities

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If I can't plug in my hair dryer, Houston, we have a problem! Maybe I'm just too vain and I need to let lose a little but the lack of washing facilities is something that doesn't appeal. Not to mention the *aherm* toilet situation. I don't like to get emotional about my motions but if I don't go, boy do I feel low! Questionable unsanitary toilet facilities would just ruin my sojourn I'm afraid.

3. Cost

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Tickets for festivals can be costly and with Glastonbury tickets starting at around 200 pounds, my argument is that you could probably get a flight somewhere hot and sunny and a little more luxurious for that money! I would rather spend that money on a spa weekend and watch the action from the comfort of my luxurious (and clean!) hotel room.

4. Time for Yourself

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When you're festivaling, you spend so much time looking for lost friends and missing the acts you were oh so looking forward to, that you end up feeling glum. Not to mention the fact that you don't have any time to yourself to just be. If like me, you're someone who likes to spend some time on their own and have some quiet time, then festivals might not be the place for you.

5. Mud & Rain

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Glastonbury has become synonymous with mud and rain. It's England after all and that's what makes our green and pleasant land! The thing is, I just don't like to roll around in it. But I understand that's the whole joy of the festival experience.

6. No Sleep

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I love my sleep far too much and morph into Little Miss Grumpus when I don't get my eight hours. I know, it's only for a few days and you would be so high on the atmosphere that it just wouldn't matter but sleep is so important to me that I would rather forgo the experience and opt for my comfy bed instead.

7. Come down

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After the high comes the inevitable post-festival low and although they're all smiles and elation when you see them on the TV, as they bounce on the shoulders of a poor partygoer who will surely suffer the consequences, they will certainly be suffering from a festival come-down after the days of mud, sweat and beers.

These are some of the reasons I will not be undergoing the agonizing wait for festival tickets in the future. How about you, to festival or not to festival? Comfy spa weekend or rolling around in the mud?

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