7 Reasons to Give Music Festivals a Miss ...


Although it might look like fun, in my view, there are many reasons to give music festivals a miss which I would like to share. I have never been one for camping and am more of a glamping kinda gal so music festivals just don't appeal to me. Like anything, I don't dismiss it until I have tried it so I can then make an informed decision about whether I like it or not. So, after my one and only paddle in the festival pool, here are some of my reasons for giving festivals a miss.

1. Crowds

Now, this makes me sound a little agoraphobic and maybe I am a little, but crowds of people annoy me. I know, it's all part of the festival atmosphere and everyone is happily stumbling around in their beer induced stupors, harking back to the flower power days of free love and questionable fashion choices. But it's really not my idea of fun, which is one of the reasons to give music festivals a miss.

Lack of Facilities
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