7 Reasons to Get Excited for Jesse Mccartney's Tour ...


There are so many fantastic reasons to get pumped for Jesse McCartney's tour. I definitely had a crush on him when I was a teenager - who didn't?! Now, you can finally have the chance to see him perform live! He'll be performing new music in all the major cities. Check out some of the reasons to get excited for Jesse McCartney's tour.

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New Music

Jesse's new album, "In Technicolor", was just recently released! It features 11 new tracks including his singles, "Back Together," "Superbad," and "The Other Guy". He'll be performing all these new songs on tour and I'm SO excited to hear them live. All the songs are extremely catchy; I dare you to listen to one and not get it stuck in your head! His new music is just one of the reasons to get excited for Jesse McCartney's tour.


Vip Packages

As if the tour wasn't enough, Jesse's offering some pretty amazing VIP packages. There are three different ones to choose from - silver, gold, and platinum. The Silver VIP package ($89) offers an autographed photo, crowd-free merch shopping, and access to Jesse's soundcheck, but does NOT include the chance to meet him. The Gold package ($140) offers everything that the Silver does PLUS the chance to meet Jesse, a photo with him, and more. The Platinum package ($495) includes everything already mentioned plus a tour bus/backstage tour, live shoutout, and exclusive VIP gift.


Being up Close and Personal

My favorite thing about concerts is the opportunity to get up close and personal with your favorite artists. A lot of the venues on Jesse's tour are general admission - that means you can be right in front of the stage if you want to. If the venue you're going to is GA, I definitely recommend getting there a few hours prior to the show. That way, you can secure yourself a spot in the front!


He's Hitting All Major Cities

Jesse's tour is hitting all major cities which is great because it gives everyone a chance to see him live. You can find out if he's going to a city near you by heading to jessemac.com.


He Sings His Old Songs Too

What would a Jesse McCartney concert be if he didn't sing his classics? When he was on tour with the Backstreet Boys, Jesse made sure to sing fan-favorites like "Beautiful Soul," "Leavin'," "How Do You Sleep?", and more. I was definitely in the crowd rocking out to these! Even though he'll be performing music from his new album, I'm sure he'll take the time to sing some oldies too. What song are you hoping to hear?


Affordable Tickets

If you can't afford VIP passes, you can totally still go and enjoy the show. General tickets are ranging from $25-35, which I think is fairly reasonable. It's an affordable concert and a great summer story to tell all your friends!


Chance to Meet Him

Even if you don't have a VIP pass, there's still a chance that you can meet him! Waiting outside the venue once the concert is over would be your best bet. From my concert experiences, artists always take the time to talk to the fans who waited for them. He'll probably pose for pictures and even sign some autographs!

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome reasons to get pumped for Jesse McCartney's tour! You can head on over to his official website for tour dates and ticket info. What's your favorite thing about Jesse? Will you be hitting up a show during this tour?

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