7 Reasons to Get Excited about Leighton Meester's Musical Comeback ...


There are so many fantastic reasons to be excited for Leighton Meester's musical comeback. I don't know about you, but I've been counting down the days till her album release ever since she announced it. I can't wait to hear all her new material as I'm a big fan! Check out some of the cool reasons to be excited for Leighton Meester's musical comeback.

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Hearing Her Voice Again

We've gotten to hear Leighton sing when her music career first started but since her role in Country Strong, we haven't really heard much. That's why I'm so excited about her comeback - it's a chance to finally hear that beautiful voice again! This is just one of the many reasons to be excited about Leighton Meester's musical comeback.


Full Length Album

I'm so excited to hear Leighton's full-length album, Heartstrings. The album will feature 9 tracks and will be available from October 27th! I've already got the album on pre-order, that's how excited I am about it! I can't wait to listen to and obsess over all nine tracks.


New Versions of Old Favorites

Heartstrings will include songs like Entitled, Blue Afternoon, and Dreamin' - all songs that Leighton has performed with her old band, Check In The Dark. You can check out her live performances of these songs on YouTube! Now, with the album, there's finally a studio version of these songs. Which of these songs do you love the most?


Possible Tour

Could Leighton's musical return mean a possible tour and live performances? Maybe! "My favourite thing – at least as far as the music goes, and now, actually, with acting, too – is performing live. It’s so fun," says Leighton. Hopefully, she'll find the time to tour her new album, Heartstrings! Would you buy tickets if she came to a city near you?


Music Videos

New music means there will be new music videos on the way and I'm way too excited about that possibility. Personally, I'm a huge fan of music videos because, well, it's the whole visual aspect of the song. Leighton's always been the story-telling type so I'm sure her music videos will reflect greatly on her songs.


She's Interactive with Fans

Leighton's always been super interactive with her fans. Whether she's meeting them on the streets of New York or talking to them via social media, she always makes sure to show her love and gratitude. With her new music, she made sure to let fans be apart of it. She held an intimate show in L.A, released two covers with her friend and fellow singer, Dana Williams and two weeks before her album release, she held an intimate Q&A and free show in NYC!


Queen B

She might not be on Gossip Girl anymore but she'll always be Queen B to me. As Blair Waldorf, she proved that she can do anything she sets her mind to. Well, Leighton's proving the same thing. It took her a while to put out her music because she had been working for many years to perfect her sound. Now, she's gonna take over the music scene! It's great to see Queen B back in action, huh?

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome reasons why you should be thrilled and excited about Leighton Meester's musical comeback. Don't forget to buy Heartstrings 10/27! Have you heard any of her new music?

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I just bought heartstrings!

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