7 Reasons I Loved Demi's Neon Lights Tour ...

Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights Tour is incredible! If you haven’t gotten your tickets to see it yet, you’re definitely missing out on one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Demi gives an amazingly energetic and engaging concert. There are so many reasons to love Demi’s Neon Lights Tour and here are just a few of my reasons.

1. Line-up

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The line-up for Demi’s Neon Lights Tour is a good string of bands to get you pumped for the main performance. Magician Collins Key serves as the great MC who gets the night rolling with a mix of magic tricks and personality. The concert location corresponds to whether or not Little Mix or Fifth Harmony will be opening, so make sure to check that out when you buy your tickets. The concert I went to opened with Daniella Mason and then Little Mix followed by the flawless Demi Lovato.

2. Visuals

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The visuals during Demi’s Neon Lights Tour blew my mind away. There is a video playing on a large screen behind the stage throughout the show. The video is made of clips of music videos, younger Demi and graphics made specifically for the tour. During the song “Fire Starter,” the lights went red as the video shone with the face of Demi amidst the flames of a fire. It was killer. During the song “Neon Lights,” neon confetti fell from the sky as black lights came on to illuminate anything neon in the crowd.

3. Singing

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Demi is a fabulous singer in my mind but what I love about her concerts is that everyone sings along. I was moved by the loudness of the audience and impressed to still hear Demi clearly. She sings with such passion in her shows because she wants to be on stage with her Lovatics.

4. Shout-Outs

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Mental health affects everyone and has been a key player in my life for the past decade. Demi takes the time to talk about things that matter at her concerts. She said that she feels she was put on this earth to use her voice to sing and speak up about things that matter. She continued, “There is so much taboo about this one subject in particular: self-harm. I want parents and everyone to know that it’s not okay but it happens and it will be okay if you get you help.”

5. Across the Stage

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Demi has great stage presence. She makes sure to hit every point of the stage so every side of the audience gets to see her up close. I find this a motivating factor to see her in concert because it doesn’t seem forced or unnatural but a part of her whole show. It’s great!

6. Talented

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Demi is super talented! She performs on the drums, guitar and piano during the show, which I enjoyed immensely. That is in addition to her incredible voice. She sings with everything she’s got. I think I’d have a heart-attack with how great her show is.

7. Play List

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I like the play list for the Neon Lights Tour. I was impressed with the easy transitions between fast paced songs like “Heart Attack” and “Fire Starter” to slower ones like “Nightingale” and “Warrior.” She also plays a selection of news reports from her early recovery as she transitions into her amazing single “Skyscraper.”

Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights Tour is all I can think about since I saw it recently. To me, a concert worth its salt can get you revved up for days, energized by how great the show was. What was your favorite part?

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