7 Precious Celebs Breaking down Crying While Singing ...

Celebrities don't sing random songs that have nothing to do with their lives. They choose music with lyrics that move them. Sometimes, they even write those lyrics themselves, which means that the songs are literally about their own lives. To prove how meaningful their music is to them, here are a few precious videos of celebrities breaking down crying while singing one of their songs:

1. Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson

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If you haven't seen this performance from this year's American Idol, you need to drop everything to watch it right now. Kelly Clarkson returned to perform a song about how her father left her, but how her husband will never leave their children. Between the touching lyrics, the knowledge that American Idol is coming to an end, and the fact that she's currently pregnant again, Kelly couldn't hold back the tears. Grab a tissue box, because you'll end up crying with her.

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