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There are many great music apps that can increase your music listening experience. Whether you want to get the best quality out of your music or discover new bands, there is a music app out there for you. Since music plays such an important part in most of our lives, it is great to have these music apps on hand so we can get the most out of the music we love!

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Songkick itunes.apple.com

One of the music apps every music lover needs on their phone is Songkick. Songkick scans your music library then tracks all your favorite artists and bands for you, so you’ll never miss a concert. Songkick will send you alerts whenever one of your tracked artists is coming to a city near your. Additionally, you can look up venues in your area to find out who will be performing. You can also compare and even buy tickets through the app! This app is available for free.



IHeartRadio itunes.apple.com

iHeartRadio allows you to listen to listen to thousands of radio stations anywhere you go. It doesn’t matter what state you live in because you can access local radio stations from other states as well. This really comes in handy when your favorite music artist is doing local radio interviews. This app also has news, sports, and talk show stations so you can remain in the know. What’s best is iHeartRadio is a free app!



Pandora itunes.apple.com

The Pandora app makes discovering new music easy. All you do is create a station featuring one of your favorite artists or songs and Pandora does the rest. Your custom station will introduce you to new artists, as well as play some of your favorite songs. Pandora is one of the original music apps and remains one of the best. You can download the app for free, but you can also upgrade to Pandora One for an ad-free experience.



Spotify itunes.apple.com

Spotify is another app you need on your phone to listen to music. Spotify gives you the option to discover new music or simply play your favorite songs. You can also choose to listen to premade playlists that are guaranteed to suit whatever mood you are in! Spotify is a free app, however you can upgrade the app for a better listening experience.



Shazam itunes.apple.com

If you’re watching tv, in the mall, or dining out and you hear a song come on that you love but don’t know, what are you to do? It’s simple – Shazam it! Shazam has the ability to recognize music playing around you. This means no more guessing the title or artist of songs. Shazam is free, but you can upgrade to Shazam Encore for an ad-free experience.


Listen: the Gesture Music Player

Listen: the Gesture Music Player itunes.apple.com

If you are always on the go, you need Listen: The Gesture Music Player in your life. Listen uses your gestures to control your music, not buttons. This means it is easier and safer to use while driving, exercising, or even relaxing. Instead of having to divert your eyes to find a button to change a song or turn up the volume, you can use a set of controls. Best of all, Listen is a free app, so get to downloading!


CanOpener – for Headphones

CanOpener – for Headphones itunes.apple.com

I’m sure you have heard people say that listening to music through cheap headphones does an injustice to the song (and these people would be mostly right). Luckily for those of us that can’t afford top-of-the-line headphones, there is another option – CanOpener. CanOpener works with your headphones to make sure the music sounds its best. You can also use the app to fine tune music to your personal preference. You can add more or less bass, increase clarity, and help protect your hearing. This app costs $1.99, but it is well worth it! After using CanOpener, you won’t know how you lived without it.

I hope you will love these music apps as much as I do. I use these music apps more than any others on my phone. These are just 7 of the hundreds of music apps out there, so now I want to hear from you. What are your favorite music apps? Tell us about them in the comments so we can all download them!

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plz improve yur app..it doesn't scroll down...-:)

I really like Beats by Dre but not sure if I'm willing to pay 14.99/no. For it!

songza is the best!!

Spotifyf caused my entire wifi to have a virus:( it was my all time fave app

I thing ITube is another music app that everyone should have, it's great!

What about hypemachine, 8Tracks and Ghostly Discovery? THESE are real good apps to listen and to discover music...

I have an app called Songza that is wonderful, it has playlists for just about every mood/activity/genre you like! It's free, seriously check it out!

I can't breathe without Pandora

I tube's really good too

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