7 Music Apps You Need on Your Phone ...

There are many great music apps that can increase your music listening experience. Whether you want to get the best quality out of your music or discover new bands, there is a music app out there for you. Since music plays such an important part in most of our lives, it is great to have these music apps on hand so we can get the most out of the music we love!

1. Songkick

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One of the music apps every music lover needs on their phone is Songkick. Songkick scans your music library then tracks all your favorite artists and bands for you, so you’ll never miss a concert. Songkick will send you alerts whenever one of your tracked artists is coming to a city near your. Additionally, you can look up venues in your area to find out who will be performing. You can also compare and even buy tickets through the app! This app is available for free.

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