15 Kpop Stars Who Rocked Their Hair Color ...

When it comes to the world of Kpop, fans know that hair colors change as often as a groupโ€™s concept, not to mention this usually signifies a comeback in the near future! While some looks can fall flat, and leave fans praying that promotions are swift, some artists rise above the rest! Here is our list of Kpop artists who rocked their dyed hair like no tomorrow.

1. Park Bom of 2NE1 - Red

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While 2ne1โ€™s main vocalist has gone through fewer style changes than most other artists (even her group mates), none can argue that her most striking look is when her tresses are deep red. She rocked this look for 2NE1โ€™s โ€œTo Anyoneโ€ album promotions and has since gone back to it more than once.

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