7 Interesting Facts about New York City's Radio City Music Hall and the Rockettes ...


Radio City Music Hall, nicknamed โ€œThe Showplace Of a Nation,โ€ is a mesmerizing magical place, whether seen through the eyes of a child or an adult. Come along as we take a tour of the interior, learn a little about the history, and discover interesting facts about the fabulous Rockettes and New Yorkโ€™s famed Radio City Music Hall.

1. The Location

The main entrance is on 6th Avenue, officially called Avenue of the Americas, (but Iโ€™ve never heard it called that by a New Yorker), between 50th and 51st streets. Radio City Music Hall is part of the Rockefeller Center complex. There were plans to demolish the building in 1978, when family type films and live stage shows were out of favor, but reprieve in the form of landmark status, saved the music hall.

The Interior
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