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Although this year was, without a doubt, one of the best Grammy’s we’ve had in years, there were still some strange 2014 Grammy performances that left us all wondering what just happened. I was reminded of this while attempting to comprise this list. There were a lot of 2014 Grammy performances, and while some were definitely a little strange, most were insanely awesome. We had reunions, we had collaborations, we watched records break, and overall, it was a great year to watch the Grammy’s.

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Katy Perry “Dark Horse”

I absolutely adore Katy Perry. In fact, I’ve seen her in concert. However, this performance wasn’t very memorable to me. It felt more like a VMA performance and less like a Grammy performance. There was too much production going on around her. The Grammy’s are “music’s biggest night,” and most artists tend to focus their performances on the music rather than the production behind it. Because of that, this was one of the few uncomfortable 2014 Grammy performances to me.


Lorde “Royals”

Royals was one of my favorite songs this year, as I’m sure is the case for nearly everyone on the planet. Still though, Lorde’s performance was uncomfortable to me. For how young she is, she has amazing vocals, but the rest of the performance didn’t feel natural at all to me. Plus, at this point we are all very sick of hearing this song.


John Legend “All of Me”

A lot of people didn’t enjoy John Legend’s performance of All of Me. Personally; it was one of my favorite performances of the night. Some people didn’t like it because it was too slow, which is understandable, however he sang the song almost exactly the same as the album version. While All of Me is actually one of my favorite songs of all-time, I also loved that the production behind it. It was so simple. He was just behind the piano, and they had a spotlight on his wife. Not only that, but where they were both seated allowed for adorable angles of one of Hollywood’s favorite couples. I get that it was so slow, but I don’t understand how you couldn’t love John Legend’s performances.


Pink and Nate Ruess “Try/Just Give Me a Reason”

I think we can all agree that Pink’s acrobatic performance for Try left everyone speechless. This is probably one of the few instances of the night where a greater production behind the performance actually made the performance even better. She left America speechless, and I think we’re all still wondering how she sang so perfectly while hanging upside down over an arena of people.


Taylor Swift “All Too Well”

Being a huge Taylor Swift fan, this was definitely one of my favorite performances of the night. Taylor offered a version of herself that America often doesn’t get to see by performing All Too Well. While America may not see this side of Taylor often, her die-hard fans have. This is a similar performance to one she does on her tour, and when I saw her in concert, this was the performance that everyone was stunned by afterward. Her performances are always stunning, but I’m not sure if anyone expected this at the Grammys, which is what made this performance even more special.


Macklemore Featuring Ryan Lewis and Madonna “Same Love”

This was, obviously, one of the best performances of the night, and a wonderful moment in history. Watching a mass wedding officiated by Queen Latifah with Madonna and Macklemore singing in the background is definitely something we will never witness again. On a pettier note, though, does anyone know why Madonna came out with a cane? Did it serve a purpose? Even weeks later, that's sticking out in my mind!


Beyoncé and Jay-Z “Drunk in Love”

Beyoncé is one of my favorite artists of all-time, and her surprise album definitely did not disappoint. I was so surprised when she opened the show that I’m very thankful that no one had to witness my reaction to realizing that it was Beyoncé performing. Drunk in Love is one of my favorite songs from her self-titled album, and it helps that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are everyone’s favorite celebrity couple. Didn’t we all believe Jay-Z was serious when he said his Grammy was Blue’s new sippy cup? They're just that cool.

There were a lot of Grammy performances this year, making this simple list nearly impossible to comprise without feeling like I was forgetting someone. What were your favorite and least favorite Grammy performances this year? Did you see your favorite on this list?

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What about imagine dragons and Kendrick Lamar's performance?

Get lucky was pretty neat as well:) But yes, I am so confused by Madonna's idea of having a cane. Not only that, but it also gave her a weird and deranged posture/stance. Am I the only one who saw the awkward stance she was in??

Kendrick Lamar and imagine dragons best performance of the night....as for Taylor's performance...it completely SUCKED...I even changed the channel as she sang, It was that boring

Everytime I hear john legend's all of me it does something to me. Everything about it. And his performance did not disapoint! But hands down the best performance was imagine dragons and kendrick lamar. It was unreal!

Kendrick lamar and Imagine dragons. That was epic

Yeah um, what about Imagine Dragins and Kendrick. That was the BEST performance

Madonna had surgery not long before the Grammys hence the cane.

My favorite was Ringo Starr's :)

Imagine dragons & Kendrick was the best performance of the night! Be and jay was OK definitely not number 1

I love john legends all of me! It gets to me lol

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