7 Female Songwriters Who Are Masters of Their Craft ...

In this day and age of twerking and mindless pop tunes, it's rare to find female songwriters who are true masters of their craft. You know them when you sing their songs because you savor each word and they all have meaning. Genuine female songwriters fall under the category of a critically endangered species. It's heartbreaking to know that not so many people realize how great these artists are. Here are seven true masters of the songwriting world and they happen to be wonderfully, beautifully, effortlessly part of an amazing race called Woman.

1. India Arie

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The list of great female songwriters will never be complete without India Arie. This woman captivated my heart the very first time I heard "Beautiful Surprise." Her songs are soulful, emotional and real - you can't help but sway into the music of the stories she's sharing in the form of words and melody. One of the reasons I love her is because she stands as the epitome of a woman who is confident about her looks, capabilities and talents. No need to wear skimpy attire to look "sexy."

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