Favorite 🙌 Fourth Albums 💿 from Female 👩 Artists 🎤 ...

As I was listening to some of my favorite albums I realized that the women in pop have very well done fourth albums. The fourth album normally stands out in their discographies for including more personal elements than their previous releases, lacking filler, and experimenting with new sounds. Now these are just a couple of my favorite pop albums but I think these albums are the definitive works for each of the artists below.

1. In the Zone by Britney Spears

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Britney fans always debate about her best album and it normally ends with a tie between Blackout and In the Zone. I always preferred the latter because Britney really showcased her vulnerable side with this record and explored new topics while staying aware of her place in pop music. Her vocals had this haunting element that elevated the moody landscape of the album. My only wish is that this era had six singles instead of 4. The best tracks on this album are Breathe on Me, Touch of My Hand, Shadow, Everytime, and of course Toxic.

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