7 Fantastic Reasons to Listen to Us the Duo ...


There are so many fantastic reasons why you should listen to Us The Duo! They've been in the music scene for quite a while but are just starting to get some major buzz. I'm really excited to see where their music will take them - I think they have the potential to go really far! They're definitely the type of band that makes it easy for you to fall in love with their sound. Listen for yourself and check out some reasons to listen to Us The Duo!

1. Their Story

If you didn't already know, Us is a husband and wife duo. I know, how cute is that?! Michael and Carissa have a huge passion for music and they get to share this awesome musical journey with each other. The two also tell the story of how they met, fell in love, etc., through their lyrics. It really makes you feel like you experienced it all with them. Their story is just one of the reasons to listen to Us The Duo!

Style of Music
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