7 Country Love Songs to Play at Your Wedding ...

If you've been looking for music to play at your wedding, you should consider some country love songs. Some people know exactly what songs they want played at their wedding the first time they hear them, but others need a little time to listen to different ones. Whether you need music for your first dance or music for your guests to dance to at your wedding reception, there's tons of great country love songs to choose from. Here's 7 of my top choices.

1. Lost in This Moment by Big & Rich

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After its release, this song quickly became one of the most played country love songs. This song is sung by country music duo Big & Rich and tells the story of a couple's wedding from the groom's point of view. This song shows us that even though there is so much work and planning involved in a wedding, the most important thing is the perfect moments shared between the couple getting married.

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