7 Celebrities Who Have Praised Taylor Swift's New Album ...

Taylor Swift's new album "1989" was released at the end of last month and it's still making headlines. That's because she won't stop breaking records with it! Currently, she has the biggest album in the country with "1989" selling 1.2 million copies in its first week. That's more than ANY other album release this year! Her second week's figures shot as high as 400,000 copies sold and that alone (still) beats any album release this year. Crazy, right? A-list BFFs and celebrity fans were quick to praise Taylor Swift's new album:

1. Selena Gomez

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Selena and Taylor have been besties for years and are always vocal about their love for one another. When Taylor's album dropped, Selena posted an adorable collage of the two of them on her Instagram account! She captioned it, "From hotel room album listening parties, kitchen dance floor album listening parties to driving on the pch, windows down album listening parties. -The best part is we were the only ones there. Each time. So happy, honored and proud to know you and your diaries. @taylorswift #1989 BUY IT!!! -now I'll listen live from drowning in my bed sheets." Taylor replied to the post and told Selena that it absolutely made her day. Friendship goals, am I right? Selena's just one of many celebrities who've praised Taylor Swift's new album.

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