5 Best πŸ‘Œ Things about Music Festivals 🎡🌸 for Girls Who Are considering Going πŸš— πŸš• πŸš™ ...

Ah, the festival season. The yearly ritual of donning our wellies, packing as many Pot Noodles as possible into backpacks and checking we have every type of waterproof clothing, is already in full swing and so far it’s been memorable.

We’ve seen Ed Sheeran woo the crowds on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury, Aerosmith make their final UK appearance at Download and Rod Stewart charm everyone at the Isle of Wight Festival. We’re not even half way through the season, so we can still expect to see some fantastic performances by some of the biggest names in music too!

So, what is it exactly that we love about festivals? Here are our top five reasons why the festival season is our favorite (who needs Autumn and Winter anyway?).


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The weather is probably one of the most dreaded things about festivals. The lack of showers and sleep? Not a problem. But the risk of downpours dampening the mood? Not ok. But despite the risk of the odd shower, the weather is one of the most memorable aspects of our festival experiences. Of course wellies are a must, as well as any waterproof garment you can think of. Those foot-deep mud pathways? Not a problem when you’re armed with your trusty pair of wellington boots and waterproof poncho. We always like to check the weather as far in advance as possible, and if you’re heading to V Festival this year, it’s been estimated that there could be a 39% chance of rain, so make sure to pack those rain ponchos and wellies!

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