7 Benefits of Learning to Play the Guitar ...


7 Benefits of Learning to Play the Guitar ...
7 Benefits of Learning to Play the Guitar ...

With all the new musical styles and instruments available today, it may be easy for some to forget about all the benefits of learning to play the guitar. This instrument, however, is still among the most popular and often used musical tools in the industry – probably because it's just so darn cool! From those interested in classical music and rock & roll to fans of folk, metal or punk rock, all recognize the numerous benefits of learning to play the guitar.

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A Cheap Way to Start Your Music Career

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford buying a piano, and although a harmonica might be cheap, not many people are able to really pull it off - plus it doesn't really offer much flexibility in terms of musical styles. Probably one of the best benefits of learning to play the guitar is that this musical instrument is among the cheapest and most popular ones you can use to climb the ranks and launch your music career, even on a low budget.


Space and Mobility

Though a bit bulky, guitars are easy to carry around, and you won’t need much space to store them. Also, they can be pretty resilient, so you won’t have to worry about taking them on long trips, whether you’re traveling by train, plane or car.


A Huge Array of Styles to Pick from

Unlike many musical instruments, a guitar is not limited to any specific style. Properly tuned, a well-designed acoustic or electric guitar can be used to play anything from classical, jazz and folk to hard rock, metal, indie, electronic music and a host of other lesser known and more obscure music styles.


Physical Workout: Strengthen Your Hands, Fingers and Arms

If you’ve practiced with other instruments in the past, you’ll see the difference as soon as you start learning your first chords. One of the clear benefits of learning to play the guitar is that it’s physically challenging, and it will take some time for your fingers and arms to get used to it. Once they do, however, they will be stronger, and you’ll also have better skill and stamina.


Social Recognition

Being a musician is generally cool, but guitar players have something about them that makes them irresistible – and I'm sure this is not just my opinion. If you manage to form your own band and become a good guitar player, your social recognition will skyrocket, and you can easily attract members of the opposite sex with your reputation as a guitarist.


Improved Dexterity and Coordination

We’ve mentioned physical stamina, but another one of the best benefits of learning to play the guitar is that your hands’ reflexes, dexterity, accuracy and speed will also improve. Playing the guitar requires excellent coordination and memory, and, through constant practice, you can excel at all those skills – which can come in handy in various situations, not only when playing music.


A Great Emotional Outlet

Punching a pillow may help you calm down a bit when things get rough, but there's no better emotional outlet than expressing yourself through the sound of a guitar. With its awesome flexibility, your guitar can be your friend in need, whether you're heartbroken, angry or incredibly happy, but there's no one around to share your joy with.

These are just a few good reasons to learn this amazing instrument. If you’ve already started to play the guitar or you’re a seasoned musician, you probably know a lot of other advantages. Care to share them with us?

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