7 Awkward Songs You Should Never Sing in Public ...

Let's countdown the awkward songs you should never sing in public. While these songs were fun for about the first month after their release, they have reached a point in time when you should enjoy them in the privacy of your own home. You can dance around and jam to this collection in your underwear if you want, but please keep it inside. Now, to prevent future backlash, let's review seven awkward songs you should never sing in public.

1. I Feel Pretty from West Side Story

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To start the list of the awkward songs you shouldn't sing in public, let's start with this classic. While, yes, it has branched out beyond West Side Story and was included in the Adam Sandler movie, Anger Management, there comes a point in time, when the insanity must stop. You should always feel pretty, don't get me wrong but this one is a little played out, girl!

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