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7 Awesome Benefits of Playing the Violin ...

By Suzana

I can only think of benefits of playing the violin, because there aren't any "cons"! Music has always played a significant role in my life. My grandmother was a pianist, my aunt is a music teacher and my cousins play the violin professionally. I’d been enrolled in piano, violin and flute classes until high school but the violin is the only one that I've stayed with. If you are deciding on which instrument you should start playing, here you go... these are some benefits of playing the violin!

1 Relaxing

I believe that one of the main benefits of playing the violin is relaxation. Whenever I'm anxious or worried about something, I open my violin case and play a vibrant song. The relief is immediate and any bad thoughts are gone with the notes. I could spend an entire afternoon playing the same song!

2 Challenging

Learning new skills is essential for self-improvement and can be very challenging. The ability to play the violin goes beyond being able to master the technique itself. You can either choose to be an ordinary violin player or an amazing violinist. A well-played song sounds different and evokes feelings and emotions from the audience. Mastering a music sheet is challenging, but when you finally nail it, the satisfaction is priceless.

3 Musical Knowledge

Playing the violin or any other instrument develops musical knowledge and consequently, knowledge in general. When you start learning how to play the violin, you will want to learn more about history, geography, arts, etc. I bet you will feel like traveling to new countries and visiting museums to learn more about the composers and their music styles.

4 Appreciation

Attending a concert requires much more than sitting and watching the presentation. There is an entire plot behind hearing an orchestra play and the entire experience consists of paying attention to the conductor, the musicians, the theatre and finally the songs that are interpreted. When you pay attention to everything, you develop hearing skills and appreciation of good music.

5 Versatility

I enjoy listening to classical music but also cannot resist pop music on the radio. The violin is a very versatile instrument in the sense that I can play any type of music on it. Also, it doesn’t depend on other instruments to sound good or to compose a piece you want to listen to.

6 Portable

I love music and if I could, I would learn all instruments that compose an orchestra. As I am not yet able to do so, I find that the violin is one of the few instruments that are in fact, portable. I used to play the piano and the violin but once my family moved to a smaller apartment, we had to get rid of the piano. Since then I’ve kept the violin and even carried it along with my hand luggage on a few plane trips. Today my violin sits under a sideboard in my living room.

7 Entertainment

Playing the violin is certainly very enjoyable for me and can also serve as an entertainment option for friends and family. Whenever my friends come over, I have them guess what I am playing, especially when I play a song that is currently on the radio. You can easy find violin sheets online, covering everything from Disney music to Metallica. It’s fun!

Even though I no longer take classes, I still play the violin whenever I have free time. My purpose of playing the violin is not to become a professional violinist, but to enjoy all the benefits presented here. I hope I can inspire you to start playing. What other benefits of playing the violin can you imagine?

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