Sing a Little Song for Enormous Benefits ...


There are a lot of amazing benefits of singing. Not only this is a very pleasant and fun activity but studies show that it’s also good for your health. Singing is cheaper than therapy, it’s healthier than drinking or smoking and more fun than working out, so why not try it more often? It’s an activity that will make you feel good no matter if you do it right or wrong. Here are 7 wonderful benefits of singing that will surely impress you:

1. It Exercises Your Lungs

One of the most important benefits of singing is the fact that it exercises your lungs by toning up your intercostal muscles and your diaphragm. This way, you will become more mentally alert, since your sinuses and your respiratory tubes will be opened more. This is a great way to start any day and you’ll quickly notice that all your problems will magically go away.

It Will Relax You
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