34 Signs 🚨 You Might Be Addicted 🤤 to K-POP 🎧 ...


You need to know the signs you're addicted to KPOP.

People are addicted to KPOP idols, dramas, variety shows, and might not even realize they are.

Here are 34 signs you're addicted to KPOP.

1. You Have One Particular Idol Group That You Really like

You love each and every idol group, but you have one particular group you love more than any other.

In the KPOP world, we call this your bias.

You may be a VIP, an Elf, a Sone but you will always be a Blackjack.

You are a KPOP fan but your bias is Blackjack.2

And that's one of the biggest signs you're addicted to KPOP.

2. You Probably Have a Favorite Entertainment Company

There are a few big entertainment companies in KPOP like, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and SM Entertainment, but you have a favorite.

You are a really big fan of this company, to the extent that, you can list all of its artists in one breath.

3. You Call Yourself by the Fan Club Name

You might not realize it, but you start calling yourself a Blackjack, saying things like, “Hi, I’m a Blackjack”.

4. You Can Remember the Full Korean Names

Korean people have very long names, so to simplify them, they shorten them to English names.

But you know the full Korean name of each member in Girl Generation.

It's a piece of cake for you!

5. You Are Always up to Date with the Group You like

Whenever you have your phone, or are in front of the computer, your first Google search is KPOP idol groups.

6. You Spend Hours Searching for Subtitles

When Big Bang came out with Running Man, you started searching for subtitles, day one.

Even if you spend hours and hours searching, it doesn’t matter, as long as you find what you need.

You Will Still Watch Their Show without Subtitles
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