7 Reasons to Love Marina & the Diamonds ...


There are way too many reasons to love Marina and the Diamonds.

I've been obsessed with her for some quite some time now (if you count seeing her live five times obsessive).2

But, can you blame me?

Marina is so adorable!

It really is a shame that she doesn't get the attention she deserves.

Check out these reasons to love Marina and the Diamonds.2

1. Her Stage Name

Her Stage Name

Her birth name is Marina Diamandis.

Um, how awesome is that name?!

Her stage name is Marina and the Diamonds.2

However, "the diamonds" doesn't refer to her band, it refers to her fans.

So sweet!

She empowers her fans by calling us all her "diamonds" and reminding us that that's what we all are, we're all diamonds.

Too cheesy?

Either way, it's one of the reasons to love Marina and the Diamonds.2

2. No Sappy Love Songs

No Sappy Love Songs

Marina's album is really, really refreshing.

There's nothing about losing sleep over a guy, or being so in love.

It's just real life thoughts.

Her lyrics include "I want to stay inside all day, I want the world to go away." Haven't we all felt that at some point or another?

I love how her lyrics are really just her thoughts on paper.

It's so different than what's out there right now.

3. Her Quirkiness

Her Quirkiness

Marina reminds me of Zooey Deschanel in the sense that they're both adorably quirky.

They have totally different sounds though!2

Marina's electro-pop style will make you want to get up and dance no matter what.

She wears the cutest outfits onstage and just seems like someone you'd want as your best friend.

In case you didn't know, she's a Welsh singer-songwriter.

4. Early Demos Were All Self-composed

Early Demos Were All Self-composed

All of Marina's early stuff was self-composed and produced on Apple's application GarageBand.

"I wasn't trained musically at all," says Marina, "I taught myself piano and wrote almost all of the album myself, which is pretty unheard of in pop terms." I love this.

You can tell she wasn't ever in for the fame.

She just loved making music and wanted to be able to share it, no matter how she did it.

It's pretty impressive.

Her Vocals
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