7 Apps for Music Lovers ...


The perfect apps for music lovers give you so much more than all of your music at your fingertips.

They let you discover new music and even create some of your own.

Having these apps for music lovers on your phone will let you become even more of a music lover than before.

1. 8tracks


This is one of the most perfect apps for music lovers because it gives you access to thousands of playlists created by music lovers just like you.2

Regardless of what kind of music you like, there is a playlist out there just for you.2

Having this app on my phone is pretty convenient because I can change the playlist as often as my music mood changes.

If I go from wanting to listen to dubstep to wanting classical music, I can easily find playlists to suit my taste.

2. Shazam


The worst thing in the world is when I hear a song I love and I have no idea who sings it or what it’s called.

Shazam fixes that by identifying any song it listens to.

Any commercial or song heard in a restaurant, it knows.

Just use the app and it gives you the song name, artist, and tons of other information about the song.

3. Pandora


As the original Internet radio station, of course Pandora is one of the great apps for music lovers.

Pick your favorite artist and make a playlist for them.

Pandora will find tons of other songs that are similar to that artist.2

You can create as many playlists as you want and it is a great way to find new music that is already similar to music you like.

4. TuneWiki


One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are singing along to a song and they don’t know the words.

That is where TuneWiki steps in.

Now you can just look up lyrics to that song you are recently obsessed with.2

TuneWiki has over 6 million songs in its library.

That means 6 millions more songs you can learn the words to and belt out at the top of your lungs.

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