Youtube Star Covers "all I Want for Christmas" in 20 Different Celeb Voices ...


Anthony Vincent, the YouTuber behind "Ten Second Songs," showed off his holiday spirit with a new video! To make things interesting, he covered the Christmas classic in 20 different styles. He starts off "All I Want For Christmas" like Mariah Carey did when she first sang it in 1994 and then transitions into the voices of Billy Joel, Nat King Cole, Blink 182 and Tom Jones!

He does impressions of a lot of big names and although some are a bit questionable, others are incredibly spot-on. Take a listen:

Which celeb voice did you think was the best?!

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Love the Depeche Mode one!!

Nat kin cole and John Lennon

That's was hilarious! Style #11 had me for once using the term "LOL"

I really liked Nat King Cole.

Blink 182 and Depeche Mode were May faves!

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