Wish You'd Met Me First ...


A British singer-songwriter who first came to our attention via her collaboration with Jakwob on his hit track โ€œFade,โ€ Maiday is back with a storming new single to showcase her own style.


[Verse 1]

I wish she was a bitch

Someone I could contend with

Somebody you

Just ended up with

But boy, it's just my luck

She's beautiful as fuck

And we'd probably be friends

If we should ever meet

I'd have to pretend

I didn't love her man


I wish you'd met me first

What if my love runs a river deeper than hers?

Oh, my timing, my timing is my curse

I wish you'd met me first

Oh, I wish you'd met me first

[Verse 2]

It's not in my interest

To put you to the test

I'd never mess

With your happiness, no, no

So friends is where we're at

I have to accept that

And smile when you say her name

And ask you how she is

And hug you when you say

You're having your first kid



Maybe in another existence

We'll be together

But till then I'll keep my distance

Cause you belong to her


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