Who Topped the List for Highest Paid Musician This Year? ...

2014's highest paid musician is rapper, producer and Beats founder, Dr. Dre! According to Forbes's annual World's Highest Paid Musicians list, Dr. Dre earned a whopping $620 million before taxes this year. In case you didn't hear, he sold his Beats company to Apple for... $3 billion. WHAT?

In second place, it's Queen Bey. This year, the singer brought in $115 million! Of course, her sold out world tour, surprise album drop and different endorsement deals are a big part of that!

Fun fact: That $505 million difference between the number one and number two spot is the largest gap there's ever been on Forbes's list.

Rounding out the top five on the list, are The Eagles (who brought in $100 million thanks to their History of The Eagles tour) Bon Jovi ($82 million) and Bruce Springsteen ($81 million).

Other artists on the list include: Justin Bieber ($80 million), One Direction ($75 million), Taylor Swift ($64 million), Katy Perry ($40 million), Miley Cyrus ($36 million) and Lady Gaga ($33 million).

Can you imagine making that much cash in one year?