THIS is How You Break the Internet - Watch Beyonce's New Homemade Music Video ...


Queen Bey has done it again! The singing phenomenon dropped a surprise music video for her recently-leaked "7/11" track and it's all sorts of awesomeness. The video takes you inside an epic dance party in Beyonce's hotel room and *fair warning,* this video will make you want to get up and shake what your mama gave you, just like they are. The music video has barely been online for 24 hours and it's already racked up over 1 million views. THIS, my friends, is how you break the internet. Watch the video right here:

In music-related news, you can get "7/11" along with other new tracks and remixes on the Beyonce Platinum Edition Box Set! The album is a re-release of Beyonce's self-titled 2013 album. What are your thoughts on Beyonce's latest music video?

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Love this video

And the music is absolutely amazing in this video. But yes I agree tastes differ. But that doesn't mean one can crap out something that's good.

The lyrics may not be the most meaningful, but I still think Beyoncé is amazing

Is this taking the p*** I've never heard such a pointless load of noise in my life. This isn't music, this is throwaway junk that no one will remember in 2 years time. Where are her songwriters?! This is an embarrassing mess. Disappointed!

@jenny beyonce is 31 get it right!!!! And unlike Kim k or rihanna and miley queen Bey has talent!!!! Dont hate beyonce bc she can show all these lil wannabe celebrities how its done haha!!!

7/11 is so Awesome , it shows us the fun and crazy side of Beyoncé! It also reminds me to just have FUN!! At this point in her career she can release whatever she wants. I Love it ! Girls just wanna have fun .

Jenny, calling Beyoncé an "Attention Whore" for performing is like calling an accountant a "Counting Whore" or a teacher an "Instructing Whore" using your interesting reasoning... Also although she's not 40 yet, people don't have to end their careers just because they hit some magical age--even you, I surmise.

@jenny jus to get things right I suggest watchin Bey in concert versus the others you mentioned. Maybe then u may be convinced. There's no match here. Bey is The Queen Bey period!

queen of attention whoring has done nothing....this video the music was absolute trash...shes a 40year old woman competing with others likes her ie. kim kartrashian....rihanna...miley ... She should retire already.

I like it it's different and refreshing!!! By now she doesn't have anything to prove! She can have fun with it!!!

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