9 Songs about the Telephone That Will Make You Want to Call ...

The invention of the telephone did a wondrous thing for human communication so you can betcha there’s going to be some great songs about the telephone and the actions and emotions associated with it. I mean, seriously what would you do without it? And, I’m talking about the basic reason the telephone was invented – a way to communicate with people who are not standing next to you – not texting or photo swapping or voting for reality show contestants. Of course though, all these other things have become such a cultural norm that they will crop up in songs about the telephone too.

1. Telephone – Lady Ga Ga Feat. Beyoncé

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Now, I am an old fuddy-duddy so I really can’t say I’m down with the kids and know what is hip and happening on the music block but I know what I like and this is one of the songs about the telephone I love. And I believe this was quite a hit! No seriously, it’s a great song, great video and it deserves the critical acclaim it received.

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