7 Reasons You Should Take up the Drums ...


7 Reasons You Should Take up the Drums ...
7 Reasons You Should Take up the Drums ...

You can’t beat playing the drums - quite literally - so here are seven reasons you should take up the drums. To get started all it takes is a pair of sticks and a few pots and pans, but like anything in life, nothing compares to the real thing. Very soon I will be moving into my own place and this will give me the perfect opportunity to pursue my passion for playing the drums. Come and join me in keeping time as we explore the key reasons you should take up the drums. Paradiddles, accents and flams await.

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It’s a Fantastic Workout

The intensity of a drum workout can match the most gruelling of exercise regimes and this is just one of the reasons you should take up the drums. Over a long-term period, it works out far cheaper than the gym and you do not have to wait for fellow individuals to finish on equipment you were specifically hoping to use. Be warned, it can get sweaty.


Drumming Relieves Stress

It’s amazing what a few thunderous hits of the crash cymbal can do. It will give you an enormous sense of wellbeing and positivity. When you are sat on the stool all your worries will come to an abrupt stop. Feel the anxiety released with every stroke.


Opportunity to Play along to Your Favourite Songs

Download your favourite songs on iTunes and imagine you are filling the shoes of the powerhouses that have produced some of the finest grooves in music history. To give your drumming experience a nostalgic feel, you can even spin classic vinyl records of the past. Once you have mastered a track you will feel superhuman.


Increases Your Concentration and Listening Skills

Drumming can test even the most resilient of minds. Remembering specific rudiments and keeping in synchronisation with the other instruments will sharpen your focus no end. Before you know it, you will be picking out the most subtle of ghost notes like you would pick strawberries from a field.


Chance to Explore Your Creative Side

Music should be about artistic freedom and playing the drums will grant you this. Hit those skins as you please and see what patterns you can conjure up. Construct your own identity; originality is everything.


Nobody Can Rock like a Drummer

My eyes are always glued to the man or woman behind the kit when I am at a live gig. I find it amazing that drummers can operate all four limbs at once. From the frenetic hard-hitting to the theatrical showmanship of twirling your sticks in the air, there is no other band member who can rock out quite like a drummer.


In Time You Can Start Your Own Band

Once you feel confident enough to play with other musicians, you can begin to pen new material. We all crave originality and there is nothing more fun than playing with your fellow bandmates. Everybody has a masterpiece waiting to be unearthed. Get jamming and get writing.

The drummer is the backbone and backbeat of any band. Feel the rhythm and let your emotions surge out with every stroke. The time has come - the power is finally in your hands. What drummers have inspired you to take pride of place behind the kit?

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