7 of the Most Anticipated Tours of 2014 ...

These seven artists are sure to blow your mind in the most anticipated tours of 2014. I'm already saving up my money for concert tickets! These tours are going to be incredible, and I'm sure they'll all bring out major crowds. I love going to concerts because that's when you really learn who the artist is as a performer. I love seeing what kind of vision they have and how they engage the audience. Check out some of the most anticipated tours of 2014.

1. Fall out Boy

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This is number one on my list of most anticipated tours of 2014 because I seriously can not wait for it. Fall Out Boy is teaming up with Paramore and New Politics to bring you the Monumentour! I've been waiting to see them live for SO long and now I finally have the chance. I've already got my tickets and am so excited for summer to get here! If you decide to go to the show in PA, find me in the front row!

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