Not One, Not Two, but FIVE Couples Got Engaged at Ed Sheeran's Concert ...


London concertgoer Alexandra O'Connor told ABC News ( that, during the proposals, “Ed looked absolutely chuffed... So chuffed he invited himself and all 18,000 of us watching to all five weddings.”

While Ed performed his song Tenerife Sea (one of my personal favorites), "a young man got down on knee," says O'Connor. "Seeing the instant recognizable symbol for 'Will you marry me?,' the whole crowd around the couple started to scream and cheer.” Wow.

"Once Ed had finished his performance, he said, ‘…Did someone just propose?,’ Instantly our whole area started cheering and as the couple was standing and waving everyone around got their lights on their phone to make the couple more visible to Ed,” O'Connor recalled.

Then, while Ed performed his song "Give Me Love," FOUR more couples got engaged. Can you believe that?!

According to O'Connor, Ed had some advice for all the lovebirds. "If you have babies, and I'm not saying to start trying right now, but, when you do, remember that Ed is a great name.” LOL!

What do you think about concert proposals?

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