20. No Doubt, "underneath It All" (2001)

In the '90s, No Doubt's love-themed songs were usually about heartbreak, or betrayal, or faking feelings, or waiting, or unrequited devotion, or general malaise regarding the almighty emotion.

But on their final album to date, Gwen Stefani offered a significantly less angsty track that actually had something positive to say about love. The slow reggae sound and ska riffs provide a perfect backdrop for Stefani's uncharacteristically gentle crooning, and her lyrics are tender with (still) just a hint of the bittersweet: "You've used up all your coupons/ And all you've got left is me/ And somehow I'm full of forgiveness/ I guess it's meant to be." β€” M.H.

Alicia Keys, "Fallin'" (2002)
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