7 Inspirational Rap Songs to Listen to when You're Feeling down ...

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7 Inspirational Rap Songs to Listen to when You're Feeling down ...

When I’m feeling down, I’m usually at a loss of what to do with myself, and for many years the last thing I would think to do was to listen to inspirational rap songs. However, as I grew up and made my way out into the world, I met a variety of friends who also introduced me to a variety of music genres, one of them being rap. As time went on, I looked to multiple rap artists for inspiration and uplifting during my worst depressions. This brings me to my recommended list of inspirational rap songs for my beloved readers. They are handpicked for the people out there who may not be having the best day.

1 Good Day by Nappy Roots

Okay, granted, all my rap music mavens out there might not consider this to be a true blue rap song, but there are several rap verses in it and some great mixed beats. The title in itself nearly requires me to include this on my list of inspirational rap songs. So give it a chance, and maybe you too will become a Nappy Roots fan (don’t you just love that name!). I know when I’m listening to this song, I always have a huge smile on my face no matter how badly my day is going, so chin up, ladies! It’s going to be a good day.

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2 Keep Ya Head up by Tupac

Rest in peace, Tupac! This song is such a testament to women everywhere and it’s a great message to men to show some respect. Tupac wrote many inspirational rap songs but this song is my favorite, and even if you don’t like rap music, I strongly encourage all music lovers to give this one a listen. Especially when life is hard, I tell people to never give up hope and this is what this song is about. Keep your beautiful head up, things will get better. So despite popular belief, rap music has a lot to say about positivity and staying optimistic.

3 Juicy by the Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls)

Now if you know anything about rap music, you know that if I recommend a song by Tupac, I have to post at least one of Biggie's many inspirational rap songs. Rivalries occur within many different genres of music, but in particular rap music is infested with them, and Tupac and Biggie are notorious for theirs. So I would like to say rest in peace, Biggie, as well! In addition, this song always brings me up when I’m feeling down and it’s a lot about Biggie’s personal struggle to achieve fortune and fame and how no one ever believed in him. I know many people go up consistently against people who don’t believe in them, so listen to this one when you just want to get all the haters out of your head and heart. Have some faith in yourself; you are strong and beautiful, so don’t listen to what your critics say.

4 Stronger by Kanye West

Now while I wouldn’t name my daughter North West by any stretch of the imagination, I like saying “to each his own,” and I definitely respect Kanye West as a rapper and music artist regardless of whom he dates or what he names his children. So when you are feeling down, add this one to your playlist of inspirational rap songs because at the end of the day, that what does not kill you only makes you stronger! You have the power to turn any negative mood around and even if you are going through a hard time, remember you will get through it and come out stronger. This song has gotten me through plenty of hard times since it first came out, so don’t knock it until you really are able to listen and process these amazing lyrics.

5 U.N.I.T.Y. by Queen Latifah

Well, this may come as a huge surprise to some people, but before Queen Latifah was on all those diva Cover Girl ads and singing jazz music, she was a tough female rapper straight out of the North Jersey projects. She lost her brother at a young age and suffered from a great deal of adversity in the music world as a female rapper, but her lyrics ring true even today and have lifted me up in my darkest hours. This is one of the best inspirational rap songs I have ever heard, and it not only speaks to the struggles urban women face on a daily basis but the peace and unity that we as people must achieve. Additionally, I have been witness to many women tolerating abuse from their partners and I like to think that this song empowers women to fight for themselves and not feel so helpless.

6 No Scrubs by TLC

Okay, so maybe this can be considered borderline R&B/Hip-Hop, but I like to think there are some catchy rhymes in here, especially at the end! Regardless, I needed to include this song on my list of inspirational rap songs because I don’t think I can stay depressed or upset when I listen to it. Overall, it sends out an important message to young girls, and that is that they should never settle. So continue to look for guys who are able to treat you right, no scrubs!

7 Lose Yourself by Eminem

So this wouldn’t be a complete list of inspirational rap songs without some Eminem, and this song certainly is inspirational. Eminem, or Marshall Mathers, came from nothing in the slums of Detroit to bring us the real Slim Shady, and a dose of truth in the complicated world we live in today. Whether or not you agree with his tactics, I think everyone can agree that giving credit to someone who picked themselves up from nothing to support a daughter and full-fledged music career is allowed. If you have a dream, a goal or just need some help starting your day when you’re down in the dumps, turn this jam on and think about how much worse your life could be. Or rather, focus on what you can do each and every day to be thankful for the people and things you do have, and aim to accomplish your future goals and plans despite what others say. And when all else fails, just lose yourself in the music, the moment, you want it, and you better never let it go.

Rap music may not be for everyone, but after listening to these songs, has your perspective changed at all? Or conversely, is rap music your favorite genre of music? Can you think of any uplifting and inspirational songs I missed? Share your thoughts!

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